Tuesday, November 19, 2013

When Did Gus Become a Farm DOG?

just two months ago!
Gus is no longer the sweet, roly-poly puppy that came to live here on the hill just a couple months ago. Why it seems like only yesterday that he looked a little like a teddy bear. While he still has a long way to go both physical growth and maturity…he is definitely a farm dog.

What happened?  When did he become a farm dog?

Was it when he finally learned to sit somewhat still and watch over things?

Was it when he got big enough to carry a bucket through the backyard? (no, that’s not at all helpful…but, it is funny)

When he started eating shrews and rats? (ewww….now, this IS helpful! …but, gross)

When he started sleeping in the daytime like big dogs do?

Maybe it was when he started going up to the gate to wait with Ellie Mae while I walk to the mailbox.

Maybe it was the mud and burrs that he seems to find no matter how we try to keep him clean.

No…Gus officially became a farm DOG the last time he went to the vet.
isn't this pathetic?

Not only was it a real feat to get him into (and out of) the dog crate (we definitely need something different…read BIGGER… before the next visit). He became completely immobile and had to be carried into the clinic, to the exam room, to the scale, back to the exam room, back to reception to pay our bill (and get his rabies tag) and then back to the vehicle. The vet tech suggested that next time I bring a wagon, a hoist, or a “big, strong helper”!  It was more than a little embarrassing to have to carry our guard dog. (even if he is technically a puppy)…not to mention, he’s heavy! (forty pounds of completely immobile dog...and he's only FOUR months old)

Because…yep…you guessed it…Gus must have decided he is a FARM DOG! I guess it took him a couple of trips to figure out that there’s no place like home.  Forget that riding in vehicles thing…get him back to the farm!

He did indeed regain all his normal abilities the moment we got back to the farm.  

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