Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Friday on the Hill

the creek paddock
(see the Boss way over  yonder?)
I totally wimped out on the Black Friday shopping this year. 

It had become an “annual girls’ day out” but, I bailed this year and stayed home with the hope of getting some much needed extra sleep.

However, that was not to be. 

I woke at 5:30 with the horrible, foreboding feeling that I’d left the hoophouse irrigation hooked up and perhaps it had frozen and broken and water would be all over the place.  (not that I’ve ever done that in the past, or anything)  Fortunately, I had remembered the proper sequence and all was well.  Except for sleeping in…

Holiday or no…the animals need attention.  So, while other folks were out Black Friday-ing, we were doing chores.
checking the fence

Then, I got to help the Boss check fence and assist him in taking the ewes down to the creek paddock.  They have a lot of grass to eat down there and that should keep them occupied until Christmastime or the first big snow.
escorting the ewes to "greener pastures"

some of the ewes enjoying the creek paddock

For our part, we have lots of leftovers and pie to eat.

 (which may keep us occupied until Christmastime…or the first big snow!)

There's one last day for the 30 days bloggers (yes, I am a day behind...the holiday messed me up. I'll be catching up today)  Check out Holly Spangler at
and read along with the rest of the 
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