Saturday, November 23, 2013

Braggin' Rights

There’s just nothing like a county fair! 

 …and Rockingham County Fair is one of the best. 

 They’ve got the awards to prove it.

Check this out.

Harrisonburg, Nov. 22, 2013 - The Rockingham County Fair has been selected to receive three Awards of Distinction from the International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE) headquartered in Springfield, MO. The competition involved more than 1,100 Fairs around the world.
The John Deere Excellence in Agriculture Awards will be presented December 10, 2013 during the 123rd annual IAFE Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Winning entries for the Rockingham County Fair include:
  • 3rd place - Overall Program for Competitive Agricultural Exhibitors
  • 2nd place - Fair Agriculture Photo
  • 2nd place – Special Agriculture Educational Event                                                                                (Sunshine Class Goat Show)

Congratulations to General Manager, Jeff Ishee, and all the good folks involved with the Fair! 

 I’ve seen some of the “behind the scenes” stuff and it is an amazing operation.
 5-yr. old Cole Swope, son of Wayne and Rhonda Swope of Dayton, Virginia
TLW photo

You may wonder why I’m posting about this.

Well…guess who took that second place Agriculture Photo?

Crabtree Falls 2002

Photography is among the Boss’ many talents and  I think it’s incredibly cool that one of his photos was picked in this competition. I have always thought he was good…but, he seems to think I might be more than a little bit biased. This was the second year that he had been invited by the General Manager (our good friend, Jeff Ishee) to photograph the fair.
2012 fair
He does the photos for the Staunton/Augusta Farmers' Market site and Facebook page as part of his Market Master job.  Follow the links to view some of his work.

So, congratulations to the Boss, too! 

…and a big THANK YOU to our long-time friend Jeff for giving us the opportunity to share a little in the Fair experience!

Here is the link to some fair memories on flickr.

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  1. I must say Barbara that in my experience, gained by frequent visits to the US over the years, there are two things your country does really well - Farmers' Markets and Country Fairs. We have nothing to touch them over here. Congratulations to The Boss. (and to his assistant)