Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Walkabout 11-24

Well, yet another November week has slipped away…

 The leaves have nearly all blown away and the pastures are losing their verdant color.  Late fall has come to the hill.

This week saw the Boss continuing work on his front fence project.
 The weather and his “helpers” are really slowing the project. He’s hoping to get it finished before the winter weather sets in. 
Ellie is "safety supervisor"
and really didn't like that back tire up in the air like that
Gus has "inspected" every post hole
and has re-dug a couple of them
 And, it just wouldn't be a Sunday post without a few sky shots!

full moon at sunrise

waning moon at sunrise

Then, almost before we knew it, it was time to pack up the trailer for the last Market of the season. 
packed and ready to go

heading out for market
We had a great day!  It was our second best “last day of the market” ever.  A big thank-you to all our customers for making it possible for us to make a living at what we love.
a full stand at the beginning of Market
(it was a challenge to keep those baskets full)

near the end of the day
very few leftovers this week!

 At the end of the Market, some of the vendors took the time to have a group lunch.  It was a nice way to note the end of a great Market year. Maybe we can make it an annual event.

It looks like this season was #2 in all-time sales.  Congratulations to all the vendors who work so hard to make the Market a success! 

Today is cold…real cold.  It was 17* at morning choretime and the wind is blowing quite fiercely, so it feels far colder.  It’s a good day to sit by the woodstove and plan out my Thanksgiving menu.
couple of catnapping kitties

Hope you’re enjoying a warm, wonderful and

Happy Sunday!

Y’all come on back, now…ya hear?

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  1. That last market of the season looks such a lovely occasion.
    Not sure how much those dogs are helping.
    As usual the cats have the most sense, staying in in the warm.