Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Count-down to T-Day

TLW photo-the "holiday bird"
The menu has been approved.  The supplies procured. My carefully made to-do lists are threatening to overtake the kitchen, the office, the living room. Every flat surface is covered with the odd and random.
I have a system...REALLY!

It must be the holiday season! The nut bowl has made its annual appearance on the coffee table. The nut bowl is one of the relics from the Boss’ childhood, and it’s just not the holidays without it!

We are in the countdown stage to T-day.  It’s time to clean and cook and clean some more. ...and re-check my calculations to make sure that everything makes it to the table on time.

I really like the challenge of “the big day”...but, it does get a little chaotic sometimes.  Our house is small and when everyone gathers in the kitchen, it’s a tight fit.  It pays to have most of the prep. work done ahead of time.

This year (due to a mis-communication with the butcher) our menu is slightly different.  We’ll have to eat that HUGE lamb roast ourselves. I’m pretty sure we’d have a hard time selling the enormous thing! Besides, nobody will complain about a beautiful leg of lamb for our holiday table (I hope!) …and no, there won’t be a turkey. Sorry, poultry producers! **A special request to my turkey raising friends…Please read this! **

But, there will be two kinds of meat and lots of vegetables, dressing and rolls…and pies and fudge and…

So…I’m off!

This gig takes a lot of concentration, more than a little motivation and perseverance and…borrowing from “George Dub-ya” (SNL's Will Ferrell as #43)some strategery.  (Here, watch this and tell me you don’t laugh.)

'cause it's imperative to have (and to keep and maintain) a sense of humor… during the whole holiday shindig.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Sounds just like our preparations for Christmas - always turns out alright in the end. Happy T day.