Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Walkabout 11-3

WHAT a woodpile!
It’s time for our little Sunday virtual farm tour once again.

I’m sorry to say that this week was not the most productive around here…nor was it the most pleasant.

 The Boss got sidelined by a horrible cold that had him spending some quality time with a box of tissues on the couch while having an Andy Griffith marathon.  He spent the better part of the week sounding like a cross between Barry White and a Great Dane.  Poor thing! That meant chores fell to me for a couple of days.  Unfortunately, I’m still getting used to this new medication, so I have very little energy and have to fight the urge to nap anywhere, anytime.  The combination made for a pretty slow work week.  Thankfully we weren’t in the midst of any major projects! (for the record, I am glad to report that we are both doing much better)

But, we were able to get our act together for Friday’s harvest. I am pleased to report that Saturday’s Market, while not a record, was quite good. (particularly considering that it is November)

So, this week, I’ll just share a bunch of photos of the odd and random around the farm.
astounding sunrise

beautiful Bright Lights chard

frosty morning

Ellie in the orchard

ewe lambs on a fall evening

Good news for 2014...
the first garlic has sprouted!

a striking couple

Gus met a praying mantis
it did not end well for the mantis

the hens are still cleaning the lower garden

fall colors
always glad to see ladybugs
they're the "good guy" bugs!

the layer chicks have definitely lost their cute-ness
they could be mistaken for baby vultures at this point

the lettuce crop is GORGEOUS!

don't let her innocent face deceive you
Tess chases the other kitties AND the dog!

…and then I want to take a minute to thank our kids (on Papa’s behalf) for the gifts, the home-brew, the bush-hogging and the firewood stacking that were all part of his birthday celebration on Saturday.  THANK YOU, kids!
my five favorite foks

We’re hoping to get back on track in the upcoming week.  The last batch of lambs is heading out to the processor and there are still a couple of outdoor projects that need attention before the cold weather settles in for winter.  ...and there are THREE weeks left of the Farmers' Market season.

Thanks for stopping by!
Hello to our neighbors out Cherry Grove Road

Happy Sunday!
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  1. Another lovely post! You really do live in the middle of a postcard haha.