Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Thursday Thankful: FOOD

homegrown goodness
TLWomack photo

I know…it sounds sort of lame.  You might think I really didn’t try hard enough to come up with a topic…but, read on.

While each of us who has food to put on the table should be grateful that we can eat and feed our families, my appreciation for food runs much deeper.  Food (and the growing and selling) is what we’re all about here on the hill. For the past sixteen years, food has not only graced our table at every meal and filled our stomachs, it has also allowed us to raise our children in a beautiful setting, pay the other bills, have life-changing experiences and meet some amazing and interesting people.

Growing food has been a way of life for almost as long as I can remember.  Many life lessons were learned while picking rocks in the garden or putting up food for winter.

When we began growing on a scale to offer food for sale, our world expanded exponentially. We discovered new varieties, new growing methods and found ourselves learning daily from all sorts of folks and all sorts of situations.

No, we’ll never be able to claim that we feed the world.  We can only do so much on our little bit of God’s creation here on the hill.  But, the food that we bring to our customers is the tangible result of hard work, prayer and faith…and it tastes good, too!

 I can’t say that either of us ever predicted that this is where we would be at this stage of life, nor did we ever dream that this is what we would be doing.  But, here we are, working together on the hill to produce some outstanding farm products…and loving what we do. (most of the time) Any measure of success that we enjoy is directly related guessed it...FOOD.

                                 …so, lame or not…today I am thankful for FOOD.

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