Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Walkabout 11-10

Things slow to a snail’s pace around here in November.  It’s really hard to find motivation some days, although there is still plenty to do.

But, the garden clean-up and the paperwork that are awaiting our attention are not the most pleasant of jobs. (okay, if I would keep up with all the computer input work, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad)

I'd really rather wander around the farm and take pictures of the odd and random...anything but the paperwork...
gorgeous gum leaves on the lane

some pretty ewe lambs

a milkweed pod

It’s been cool and dry of late. We haven’t had any measurable rainfall all month.  But, we’ve had a few cold fronts roll through which made for some beautiful skies.

The hoophouses are all planted and growing (albeit it slowly) for Winter production.  When the Market ends in a little less than two weeks, we’ll take a week off and then start offering produce, meat and eggs to our Winter customers on a weekly basis via the internet. (ah, the wonders of the 21st century!)

These pretty greens are just some of what we will have to offer our customers this Winter. 

We’re processing the last batch of broilers on Monday. It’s always a gamble this time of year, but it looks like we are going to have a good weather day!  Just another job that we won’t be doing again until Spring. Can’t say either one of us will miss that one too much.

Saturday’s Market started out very cold.  But, it warmed up and we sold a lot of stuff as folks began to stock up for Winter.  
After years and years of suffering through cold Market mornings, we finally bought a heater! We owe our newfound “warm-ness” to a fellow Market vendor for having the idea first.  Thank you, John!  No more frozen greens...or icy fingers

…with the end of the Market came the end of another work week…

...and a pretty evening sky.  It pays to be patient with sunset shots...

1st sunset shot

10 minutes later

and 10 minutes after that

....on to Sunday and a little re-charging…

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Sunday!

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