Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Oh No...vember

November is hard. 

It’s usually cold and dreary…

The days get markedly shorter and the switch back to Standard time only makes it darker earlier. It’s so dark by the time I’m making supper that the kitchen seems cold and lonely.

It’s only a matter of time before the ewes eat the last of the grass and it’s time to head to the barn and hay.

The hens have nearly finished their job of cleaning up the garden waste and soon they will be confined to their winter pen as well.

There are a few things still producing in the garden, but it’s time for the big clean-up out there, too.

The Boss mows the grass and trims the orchard one last time before washing the mower and putting it in storage for the winter.

As the cold winds blow, we know it won’t be too long until snowflakes are swirling.  The long-range forecast gives credence to this concern…next week is looking a little dicey weather-wise.

The Market season will be closing for the season as well.  One more Saturday…

With so many things ending, sometimes it’s a little hard to keep focused and feel motivated. Winter hibernation seems like a real good option.  

But, if we start to waver even slightly in our motivation toward next season, we only need look in the mailbox…

The 2014 seed catalogs are starting to arrive!

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