Monday, November 4, 2013

...and then THIS happened...

Folks are always commenting on what great views we have here on the hill. So, last month, I had this great idea for a long term project. 

If I went to the high spot of the farm once a month and took a photo, I would have a detailed pictorial journal of the seasons here on the hill.  I would be able to see how things on the farm changed in the course of a year and perhaps get some ideas for future garden projects. Maybe I could continue the project and we'd be able to see the changes years made...  It seemed a simple enough project.

So, I headed up the hill, camera in hand.

I found the spot.  Took the shot.

Then, I noticed some commotion.

I had been spotted by the ewe lambs.

Because the ewe lambs LOVE me like their mother…see me as their only source of food on the planet (yes, they are surrounded by green grass 24/7, but they are sheep) my movements anywhere on the farm signal that it must be time to eat.

So, I’m thinking the “sheep conversation” went something like this.

Hey, lookee…there’s Mama!  Whatcha think she’s doin’?

I dunno, but…I think she’s got somethin’ in her hand. Come on, hurry!

                             MAAAMAAA….feeeeeed us! 

Hey, wait a minute.  She don’t have no bucket....I thought you said she had a bucket.

Forget this!

…and they tromped off toward the feeders, hoping that maybe I already served supper.

Wrong! (it was the middle of the afternoon) They set up a boisterous protestation by the feeders for a while.  Eventually, they lost interest or gave up hope and headed back out to graze.

Now …what was I doing before this happened?

Oh yeah, my photo journal project.  Well, one month down…eleven more to go!

I hope you're following along with  Holly Spangler and the rest of the 30 day bloggers!

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  1. Nice photos Barbara - and remember sheep never ever think - their brains are in their stomachs.