Sunday, December 6, 2020

A Sunday Walkabout 12-6-2020

 To say this has been a weird year would be a woeful understatement.

I keep thinking that some good news has to be just around the corner...

...and yet... we are at the beginning of December with little hope of any return to the way things were, perhaps forever. While I know there is definitely some sort of silver lining somewhere, and I should surely be able to find it, as well as share it with seems ever elusive at this particular moment.

So, know that the sun still rises, there is still beauty in the world...and surely there is some sort of hope out there, even if we don't quite see it yet.

And, with that in mind, here are a bunch of pictures from the hill that have been lanquishing in my photo file. I hope they will brighten your day and grant you some sort of hope and encouragement.

woodpecker at feeder



smartweed and fallen leaves

rudebeckia after slight snow

fall colors across the way

redbud leaves

to plant for the future is an act of faith

pretty fall leaf

pansy and mums after the rain

Otis against a fall sky

one gum leaf

sunrise behind the oaks

the last morning glory of the season

morning commute


cherry leaves over M'brook

Jupiter, Saturn and crescent moon

mallard at the park

lettuce flower

back-lit lettuce leaf


last of the cherry leaves

a HELLO from Karma


gum leaves

wild grape leaf



foggy morning for the sheep

house finch out back

fall colors at sunset


fall color in M'brk

pretty colors

dogwood leaves

dogwood berries

one sparkling moment

pretty December sky


chickadee at the feeder

cedar wax-wings at the creek

barn kitty on the porch

brilliant fall leaves on a cold, wet day



bittersweet against the sky

bashful pullets

barn-dogs at sunrise

barn kittie at sunrise


Arkansas Black apple

african daisies lasted for months

a change in the weather is on its way

another sunrise

sunset from the kitchen window

Until next time, 

Happy Sunday! 

I hope we can "visit" again soon.

last glimpse of the Beaver Full Moon