Friday, November 14, 2014

It All Adds Up

“Gosh, that’s hardly worth your time!  Sorry ‘bout that!”

One of our long-time customer-friends chuckled ruefully as I weighed his small purchase of onions and potatoes…and told him his total was $3.15.

My response?

It’s fine!  It all adds up!

I know that all those little purchases make for a pretty impressive total at the end of the Market day.
While it’s probably considered crass to talk about money, and, there are those who have suggested that we GIVE our products away…   

Compensation for one’s labor is not only expected, but necessary. There are obligations related to our occupation where cash payment is expected. Regularly. Growing and selling produce (and other farm products) is how we make those payments. Selling at the local Farmers’ Market is actually part of our occupation…our livelihood…our JOB, so we need the sales.

…and quite honestly, we are thankful for each and every one of those sales, be it 3 dollars or 300, or anywhere in between.


It all adds up.

Interestingly, it all adds up on the harvest side, too.  Enough little green beans eventually fill the basket. 

And, even though lettuce weighs next to nothing, all those pretty leaves fill a lot of bags by the time I’ve finally finished picking for the day.  Week after week after week of picking results in hundreds and hundreds of bags and thousands (and thousands) of pounds of farm products.

Just ask the Boss…he’s surely washed a million eggs! (okay, slight exaggeration there)

…and week after week of attendance adds up and means that we’ve been “doing the Market” for 17 years now. That’s a pretty long time to grow it all, pick it all, process it all and then sell it all just a little at a time.

But, over the years…all those little purchases have kept our family fed and clothed, allowed the farm to flourish and prosper and made for a pretty good life. While we will never be rich, we have never had to go without the necessities. (and, we sure do eat "good"!)

So, thanks to all of our customers…because of you it all adds up

Lessons Learned:
The little things are important, too.

Just like many tiny drops of water make up the mighty ocean…
each item harvested and sold has an effect on our farm’s viability.

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  1. I think your markets are nearly over for the season aren't they? I just so much admire the work you put in Barbara - and your stand always looks so inviting - wish I could be there to sample your wares.

    1. Just two more Markets! Tomorrow promises to be interesting as the overnight temperature is supposed to be 18*. I think that's something like -8 celsius. We should make it to the freezing point as a high temperature for the day.
      Today we finally hit freezing at 2pm and by 3, the temperature was failing again.
      Can't say I'm looking forward to the cold at the Market...not even a little bit!