Thursday, November 13, 2014


Staunton's Clocktower

During last year’s seemingly endless winter, we had one of those glorious winter days that nearly make your heart sing. 

You know the kind of day I mean…the sky is a brilliant blue, the air, while still chilly, doesn’t take your breath away, the sun is high in the sky and you can almost imagine you hear birds singing.  The kind of day that makes you glad to be alive and gives you hope that the mind-numbing, bone-chilling cold will someday be just a memory.

It just so happened that on that particular beautiful day, the Boss and I were downtown making our delivery run.  Our Winter Customers have the option of all sorts of farm goodness delivered downtown for pick-up. We have meat (lamb and chicken) , eggs, fresh vegetables (like potatoes, onions and winter squash)  frozen vegetables and fresh greens (provided the weather cooperates…which for the record, it was not) At the risk of sounding really cocky, it’s some majorly delicious stuff. And, we work hard year-round to provide for our customers and ourselves.

Some of the frozen goodies for Winter Customers

The weather was such a treat that we spent far more time making our deliveries than normal.  It seemed that everyone just wanted to soak up the warmth and sunshine and socialize and we were glad to capitulate.  We even took a little stroll around downtown, extending our time outdoors.

As our thoughts turned to hearth and home, we made the audacious decision to change our menu.  

Despite all that home-grown goodness, that delivery we just made…we wanted something different.

Crockpot cooking and soups and stews are all well and good for the cold, blustery days of winter, but this taste of Spring had us craving a salad.  …and our own lettuce had lost its battle for survival when the temperatures plummeted to -3* for nearly a week. Meat on the grill, a baked potato (those were both local and home-grown) and a salad…yeah, that would definitely hit the spot!

purchased salad fixin's

So, heresy that it may be…we walked into a local store and bought the fixin’s for a salad.  It was the first time we bought lettuce in nearly 10 years, but…”desperate times…” and all that. To make matters worse, yes…yes, we did make our purchase at Walmart…and no, no…I didn’t even look for organic.   I know that someone, somewhere is gasping in horror, but…well, that’s life.  Sorry.  I’ve come to see things far differently that when I was an "Ag snob". Did you read this one?

I will say that it didn't taste nearly as good as the stuff we raise here on the hill.  But, then, I'm sure my tastebuds are somewhat prejudiced.

I won’t get into all the debate and discussion about the supposed evils of the big-box and the complete and utter support of LOCAL, sustainable, organic or whatever here. There are those who would point out the hypocrisy of my actions, but, I just want to express my thankfulness that we have choices.  

Lots and lots of choices.

While we tend to take for granted the fact that we can CHOOSE to eat LOCAL, organic or conventional, health food/junk food, fast-food or home-cooked--- (we can even buy things that are out of season or impossible to grow in our locality) we lose sight of the fact that there are far too many folks in this world who have NO options.  They would give thanks for anything…anything…to fill their empty stomachs and/or to nourish their hungry children.

Today, I am thankful for…food choices. And, all those choices are made possible by Agriculture.

I am REJOICING in those choices.  Because, sometimes you just “need” a salad (a banana…or even a donut…or whatever). There are farmers out there working hard to provide the food that I want, when I want it at a price that I can afford. (although I have yet to meet a donut farmer...ha)  I appreciate those efforts every time I make a meal or enjoy a snack.

Yes, indeed, I am #Thankful4Ag!

I just read about a way that you can help others this holiday season.  Go over to Local Farm Mom Here is the link. and read how to make a quick and easy digital meal.When you share your meal and/or using the hashtag #Thankful4Ag, Bayer Crop Sciences will donate to the Feeding America campaign. Or you can go right to the Thankful4 ag site and make/share your meal.

Lessons Learned:

Sometimes you need a change.
All too often we take food choices for granted.
We should stop seeing food as a “statement” and remember that there are others who go without…all too often.

Are you following along with the Ag Blogging Challenge? 

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  1. I am so pleased that you keep your customers supplied during the winter months when there is no market - I did wonder about that.. I do agree about needing a change in food - I sometimes buy something completely different and we usually enjoy the change.