Saturday, November 22, 2014

So...Here We Are

The end of the Market season is always somewhat bittersweet.

It’s just a little sad to know that we won’t be visiting with all the great Market folks every single week.

But, it’s cold, the garden’s shot…and we’re just a little bit tired.

Yes, it’s time.

Time to close it down for a while. Time to relax and re-group during the off-season so we can all come at it again fresh and enthusiastic come Opening Day in the Spring.

It was another record-setting season for the Market.

And, we set a personal earnings record.

This was despite one of our lowest weeks in over ten years. Not because no one was buying, we just had very little produce.  (thank you Polar Vortex)

We also had two weeks where sub-freezing temperatures at set-up time kept us from setting out produce at opening time. (thank you…return of the Polar Vortex)

So…here we are at the end of Market season 2014.

-TLWomack image
end of the Market

Thankful for all the Market means to our lives.

Thankful that we made it through yet another season.  (this was our 17th season as vendors)

We just want to take a minute and say:

Thanks for another GREAT season!

…and here’s looking forward to 2015...  

                                              Just 132 days until April 4…Opening day.

Lessons Learned:

It IS possible to make a living "doing the farmers' market".
The weather doesn't always beat us.
Our customers are THE BEST!


  1. Thanks for all that you two do. It is greatly appreciated.

    1. Even over here in the UK I too am sad that the market is over for another year.