Saturday, November 8, 2014

Man and Machine

Over 25 years ago, the Boss made a purchase that I thought we could ill afford.  I knew we needed it, but…wow…that was a lot of money! …and for what?

Well, a tractor, of course!  A green tractor. What else?

Not  new anymore!
25+ years ago, our John Deere 755 was brand new.  While it wasn’t big and bold, it was spiffy and green. Its main job was going to be to cut grass…what seemed like miles and miles of grass.  A few winters later, it pushed what seemed like tons and tons of snow!

digging out from the blizzard of '96

Over the years, our ol’ JD has mowed and hauled and pushed and tilled. He’s made postholes and shoveled muck.  Bushhogging is a common occurrence, so is plowing for potatoes. He’s aided in construction and hauled deceased animals.  He’s given thrill rides to little farm girls and served our family well.
don't tell OSHA
this is FUN!



plantin' taters

more hauling

diggin' taters

building the barn

checking the fence

first potato harvest
We couldn't have ever done some (if not all) of the projects around here if it wasn't for our trusty tractor. In all that time, there has been one serious breakdown requiring time in the repair shop. You can read about that here. And winter before last, Wes and Tbone rebuilt the bucket for us. It’s looking a little rough and worn, and we had to replace the seat, but other than that…no complaints!

Tractor brand loyalties are fierce in farm country.  And, generally you don’t cross the line.  Around here, the old guys joke about those “mixed marriages” where a JD tractor is used along with some other brand of equipment. By vowing my undying affection for GREEN, I will alienate more than a few. I feel a little bad about that. Sorry, Allis Chalmers fans.

But, around here…tractors are green.

We even have a son-in-law as a direct result of brand loyalty.  The kids met on a page called “John Deere Nuts”. And, he’s a John Deere Mechanic. They left the wedding in a green tractor.  No kidding.
The borrowed wedding tractor

A number of years ago, Rodney Atkins recorded a song called “I Got Friends with Tractors”, which prompted my own blog post.  The song included the line “need ‘em, gotta have ‘em”. Truer words were never sung!

A tractor is to a farmer what a horse is to a cowboy. Tractors are essential to farming.  Whether they’re big or little, old or new…or even a different color, tractors make it possible for farmers everywhere to do their work.

And, quite honestly, I give thanks for ours every day!

Lesson learned:

Farms and farmers need tractors. Even little tractors. Even tractors that are not green.

After 25+ years of near constant use, I can honestly say, “Nothing runs like a Deere!” 

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