Sunday, April 8, 2012

This Week on the Hill 4-8

Sugar Loaf 
This week, Spring spread green a little further to the trees and hills. The weather has been up and down, with  cold temperatures that give us great concern.  The potatoes have been nipped back more than once.

a portion of the brassica patch
We planted out the brassicas (broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower) about 700 of them.  So far, the cold has not killed them, although the cauliflower plants are looking a little peaked.  We are also starting to pray for RAIN!

The strawberries are blooming!
Apple Blossoms
The blossoms are absolutely beautiful; we are hoping that the cold will spare some of the fruit for later this year.

The maple tree is producing helicopters in near record number.  Everything is so pretty against the brilliant spring sky!

The hoophouse crops are looking particularly nice. It is a pleasure to go in the hoophouse to work.  ...and our customers seemed to greatly appreciate all the greens on the Opening Day of the Market. (which was a smashing success!)

It's been a good week on the hill. The week ahead promises plenty of hard work and good times.  Maybe that's why Squeekie is smiling in her sleep.

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