Sunday, April 8, 2012

Let's Go to the Market! - opening day 2012

Saturday morning comes very early! 

The trailer was packed with all the farm products harvested the day before and the Boss headed out to town.  This particular Saturday morning, we had some special helpers…actually, I think all the barn kitties were looking for a hand-out…again.

As the Boss pulled out of the lane, I headed down to the barn.  The beautiful full moon made it much easier to see to do chores.  Although, the beautiful full moon meant very cold temperatures and that meant that the water system was frozen in more than one place.

The clear weather also meant that the temperature would rise dramatically in a short period of time, so provisions had to be made in the brooder, hoophouses and greenhouses.  Finally done, I headed off to town.

I was amazed when I arrived at the Market.  It looked like every vendor spot was full and the place was bustling with activity.  It was still quite chilly, but it was shaping up to be a gorgeous day.

It was great to see our customer-friends, as well as our fellow vendors, some of whom we had not seen since last year.  The children have grown taller, some families have new additions, and everyone seemed happy that the Market was open once more.

Since it started out cool, it took a while for the customers to come out. But, once they did….WOW!  

It was one of those bright and brilliant days of Spring when the colors of the abundant blooms are nearly overwhelming.  There was a great band performing music for atmosphere and just about everyone was in a good mood. Check out these pictures from the Staunton/Augusta Farmers' Market FB page.

What an amazing Opening Day!

We are grateful to all our customer-friends for making it an overwhelming success. That’s the kind of start that makes us look forward to the rest of the season.  See y’all next week!

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