Friday, April 13, 2012

Encouraging Signs

I hate to feel discouraged.  Now, that was an obvious statement…who LIKES to feel discouraged?

The weather has been a trial of late.  Lots of wind, Lots of cold, NO rain… That combination doesn’t bode well for the burgeoning growing season.  It seemed that everywhere I looked, I could see disaster and failure looming.  A change of perspective was imperative.  But, how to get it?

A chance trip out back made all the difference in the world. (oh, and that growing chance of rain in the forecast)  While the north-facing sheep paddocks out front are making no re-growth after being grazed, the back paddocks are lush and green.  You may just see weeds and dirty jeans and workboots in this photo…but, consider how it looks to a grazing sheep!

The amount of grass out back should get us through until the rains come and the other paddocks have recovered their abundant cover.  Then, we can wean the lambs and get on with the season.  But, the knowledge that there is indeed enough for the flock to eat was enough to change my perspective.

A check on the broccoli crop was also encouraging.  Despite the relentless wind and the bitter cold, most of the plants are growing and losses look minimal.  Now that the cold is a thing of the past, we should start seeing some real growth and can look forward to harvest by the beginning of June.

Look!  The asparagus made it through the cold as well!  I thought that all the tips (the PRIZED part of the asparagus) would have been frozen and withered with the cold.  But, I was wrong. With a little rain, we will have asparagus popping up all over.

The seeming “desert” that is the potato garden had a few surprises as well.  The dry weather that kept the potatoes from sprouting forth with abundant growth had actually protected the plants.  Lifting the hardened earth, I found numerous plants completely unharmed by the cold.  Again, a little water and they’ll be growing ….like…well, weeds!

The Boss pointed out that despite the weather woes outside, the hoophouses can always be counted on for their lush growth.  I must admit that at the time this wasn’t really the encouragement that he had hoped it would be, but he is right.  The ability to control the environment (at least to some degree) means that we always have something that we can harvest.  The morning light on the plants of varying color and texture make this part of the farm a visual delight…and everything tastes good, too!

So, with a little change of perspective, I am off to harvest for the Market.  
                                                     …Happy Friday!

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