Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It Takes a Real Stud

Waylon is at least 250 pounds of wool and testosterone.  He is quite magnificent.

Despite my early misgivings, he indeed developed into a great ram, and throws some real nice lambs.

Ever since we got Waylon, I have made a real effort to gentle him, to get him to eat from my hand.  I do this with all the breeder sheep, not to have pets, but as a management tool.  If they know and trust me, they are considerably easier to handle. (well, most of the time)Waylon was having no part of it, although his female counterpart, Jessie, is one now one of the friendlier ewes in the flock.

You would never want to attempt to make a pet of a ram, anyway.  They can be somewhat unpredictable and grumpy and more than a little dangerous…and if you let down your guard, get a little too comfortable…wham!  To the moon!  Just ask the Boss, he had a big Dorset ram knock him over once for a feed bucket.   Ye-ouch! I have heard that a full-size ram can kill a man given the right (or wrong) circumstances. I had a ram lamb ram me from behind one time.  He was quite small and instinctively I whirled around and threw him on the ground.  He didn’t mess with Mama after that!

But, back to Waylon.  I’ve tried clover and grass, hay and green onions, all to no avail. But, I finally found something he will eat every time I offer it.  He will even stick his ginormous head through the fence to get this!

Dandelion bouquets! 

It would appear that his favorite plant in his paddock is the dandelion. (they are all gone from his feasting).  He particularly likes the yellow flowers, and he particularly likes bunches at a time.  His huge mouth can envelop the entire bouquet with room to spare. He is instantly back, looking for more!

It takes a real stud to show his weakness for bouquets…even if they are for eating!


  1. I just adore your blog. And this ram is hilarious! :) Fantastic writing.

  2. Thanks so much! It's good to know there's someone "out there" enjoying this. :)