Monday, May 14, 2012

WANTED: Motivation

I must admit…rainy days do NOT inspire me to any great, productive activities.

No, I really think the cats have the right idea!  This doesn't look too comfortable to me, but I suppose anything will do in a pinch for a CATS-nap.

Since outside work is out of the question when the raindrops keep fallin’ on our heads...
we attempt to get some of the less pressing “inside” jobs out of the way.  The Boss accompanied me on the town run this morning and got some of the supplies to do some repair jobs that have needed his attention, but had to wait until other things were less pressing.

When we got home, he worked on those projects while I moved plants, re-potted plants, and made plans for more seed-starting.

It looks like rain again tomorrow. That means we need to find more “inside” jobs to do. 

He wants to focus on the hoophouses. There is weeding to do...spent plants to pull...tilling and prep. work to do so I can plant again on Wednesday.

But, I know I need to do bookwork…
I would rather do anything than bookwork sometimes.  It has gotten WAY out of hand. (read…it has been months since I sat down and input any figures in the computer)  This time of year, seed starting, weeding, planting, harvesting all take precedence over bookwork.  …and, truth of the matter is…I willingly make any excuse to keep from having to sit down and THINK about expenses and accounting when the weather is beautiful and there is outside work to be done. 

However, that leaves the cloudy, rainy days for my bookwork days…

                             …then, I have to fight the irresistible urge to take a nap!

I know that I will feel better when we are all current in our accounting and the top of my desk is no longer a vague and distant memory.  So, I will endeavor to apply myself to the task at hand.


Where, oh WHERE, is my motivation when I need it?

Maybe I should ask Jed...he looks the epitome of motivation...doesn't he? 

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