Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Walk-about

Jed...chillin' on a Sunday
he leaves the walk-about to the humans

At some point every Sunday, we take a quick walk around the farm, noting the things that need attention in the upcoming week.

This week was no exception.  The priority job is to get the tomatoes and peppers in the ground.  Presently, they are all residing on the trailer.  In the event of bad weather…the whole thing could be rolled into the barn for protection. The exposure to the sun and wind has made them strong and sturdy, and they only had to ride into the barn once due to cold and rain.  However, the time has finally come for transplanting.  That’s job #1 this week! We are hoping to catch a break with the rains.

Then, there is the ongoing daily check of the asparagus and strawberries.  We have conceded the war on weeds in the asparagus.  We have been harvesting the asparagus, and then mowing the weeds back to a manageable mess.  NEXT YEAR….yeah, NEXT YEAR…we will keep on top of the weeds. Well, that’s the plan.

A check in the broccoli/cauliflower/cabbage garden (otherwise known as the brassicas) revealed that we are not too far from harvest there.  The one broccoli that we taste-tested was excellent, and we should have a good supply for Market within the next two weeks.  The cabbage is just starting to whirl into little heads, so it will be a little longer.

There’s weeding in the carrots…

More lettuce seedlings to plant…

The lambs are growing well and we will bring them up to the barn for working at some point this week.  I want to get weights on them so we can mark the ones that will be in the first load to the processor’s.

nymph of the Colorado Potato Beetle
Asparagus Beetle
The pests are beginning to make themselves known.  It looks as if they may be appearing in record number this year. We will be keeping a close eye on those.

the potato garden from Waylon's paddock
the bare spot is where the corn and winter squash will be planted
The potato garden is looking amazing!  These potato plants are quite possibly the best we have ever grown.  I believe every single seed potato sprouted!

…and look what the Boss found for supper! 

We will have new potatoes for Market in about two weeks.  Yay, Summer!

Looks like a real "do-able" week around here...despite the myriad of little things that will crop up, demand our attention, but never make the list.

Time to get at it!

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