Sunday, May 13, 2012


It’s Sunday afternoon and the farm is enjoying a little “down time”.

During the past week, despite the ongoing rain, we have gotten a lot accomplished.  So, it’s time to un-wind, re-charge and prepare for the week ahead.

After about three days of nearly losing our hearing and our minds, we can finally say that the lambs have adjusted to the new living arrangements and seem to be thriving.  They did, however, eat an entire 50 pound sack of feed overnight, so some changes may still be in order.

pea blossoms

The garden survived another two nights of frost with minimal damage.  I think we lost a few squash and cucumber plants due to the cold, but on the up-side…the peas are FINALLY blooming! All sorts of things are blooming…and it’s just lovely.



The tomatoes are also blooming, when we really wish they wouldn’t.  You see, the tomatoes are still in pots in the greenhouse!  We won’t be planting them outside until the end of the month.  Tomatoes do NOT like cold weather.  We found that out the hard way a long time ago…  I can assure you, we will not be out at 2am rescuing the tomato crop from certain freezing death by digging up all the new transplants!  Once was definitely enough.

After a day of taking it easy…or chillin’…, a nice supper, a dessert that includes VERY fresh strawberries,

and finally getting the laundry finished…we will make our job list for the coming week.  This time of year, that “to-do” list can get a little out of hand.  However, the work is not going anywhere…

Since RAIN is in the forecast again, it looks like we will be concentrating on the hoophouses, a few repair jobs and the bookwork that threatens to overtake my desk.

Here’s to another week on the farm!

                                                                I don't need no sympathy
                                                               That won’t bring satisfaction
                                                                Just need to charge my battery
                                                                 Gonna do my best to decompress…
                                                                                                                            -toby keith

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