Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Hates Meeses to Pieces

Unbelievable damage from a very small creature.

This is why I canNOT stand mice.  Okay, it is one of the myriad of reasons….

One mouse, one night, and there is nothing left of the spinach seeds and seedlings, except some seed shells and small chewed up sprouts. Back to the germinating table…at least a week behind schedule.


This is what my seedlings SHOULD have
looked like!

Mousetraps were baited and set.  The mouse was caught. 

While this might not make me popular, I sent that little booger to his reward, providing the cats with some added entertainment and nutrition.

Moral of the mouse story:
Don’t mess with Mama!  …and never, ever mess with Mama’s seedlings!

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