Wednesday, May 16, 2012

After the Rain...

When the storm clears and the rains subside, it is always gorgeous here on the hill. All the inhabitants seem to appreciate the fine weather.

Everything seems brighter, cleaner, fresher…nicer…

Yes, it’s just lovely.  What with the blue, blue sky and the green, green grass.

All the flowers seem especially pretty in the morning light.

The pastoral scene of sheep on fresh green grass is most pleasing.

The garden crops must have grown overnight and the contrast with the dark soil is an appealing sight.

I have often wondered just why everything looks SO clean…so bright.  It’s as if all the dust and dirt and grime have been washed away.

Today I found out where all the dirt goes. 

Jed is the collector of every bit of stray dirt, grime and pollution. Everywhere!

I suppose we should be thankful that Jed does such a good job collecting dirt in order to keep the County beautiful. 

Great job, Jed.  Now, stay away from me until you dry out!                                

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