Thursday, March 1, 2012

Are We in a Rut?

Recently, a request was made for a picture of our current batch of chicks. …and I realized I didn’t have one. -photo circa - 1999...daughters have changed a LOT...broiler chicks are still the same.

That request made me realize that somewhere, somehow, this whole deal has become routine and somewhat monotonous and maybe we take it for granted. I don’t always take pictures of the chicks, the lambs, the seedlings, the harvest, or whatever….because it has just become expected…the norm…success is pretty much a given. When I take pictures, it is more to express the “art” of the moment…to capture the beauty of the situation, not just to record the progress and ultimate success of the project.

I don’t think that this is a bad thing. No, actually it is far from it. We actually know what we are doing! WOOT! Believe me, THAT is a comforting thought. After what seemed like a never-ending learning curve, we know that if we do “X” at a certain time, add “Y” amount of energy and effort, we will indeed get ”Z” at the end of the prescribed time. That means we can be successful! Yay, us!

Before we go off gettin’ all cocky and proud…let me say that this success is not without a great deal of effort…and perhaps an even greater amount of prayer. We thank God every day for our successes and ask for His guidance in our times of trouble. …and we have been truly blessed.

It is very easy to get caught up in the business of living that it is possible to miss out on the LIVING of life. Neither the Boss nor I wish to do that. So, we try…we really try…to keep focused on what’s important.

The perceived “monotony” of farm life is so very comforting. I have written about this before. The knowledge that the activities of each season repeat season after season…year after year…bring with it the encouragement that despite any difficulties and trials…life goes on.

So, the fact that I could have substituted pics of chicks from….say…1999….that look pretty much the same as the chicks from 2012

…doesn’t discourage me. It lets me know that we have gained experience and expertise over the years, and encourages us to work on the areas that we know need improvement.

A rut? NOPE! A rhythm and routine….oh yeah!

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