Wednesday, March 21, 2012


It’s almost THAT time of year again. I heard the little ticking start with the start of daylight savings time. (no…don’t get me started on that one) It’s getting louder and louder and LOUDER. I’m really surprised that no one else can hear it. Even the Boss says he can’t hear it. I guess he doesn’t have to…I keep telling him all about it.

I’ve written about the sense of urgency that the countdown to the Market creates in my mind. You can read about it

Oddly enough, despite years of experience, I always face the Opening Day with more than a little consternation. I know the folks will come out, I know we will have things to sell, I know that we will sell the things to the folks who came…but,…I still find myself worrying and making lists and scurrying around doing “last minute” things. At least this keeps the Boss amused…

Looking back over last year’s notes, I find that in some ways we are far ahead of last year. We’ve already purchased the potatoes…and even planted some. But, all my “off-season” cleaning and organizing still needs doing. Ugh! The freezers still need de-frosting and the cooler needs a good going over.

We have one more week of “winter sales” before I can clean out the trailer, re-stock supplies and call that job DONE. We’ve had a great “off-season”…and our customers are AWESOME!

The crops in the hoophouse are ahead of last year. That’s a definite plus.
 The lettuce is looking gorgeous!

The freezer still has a fair amount of lamb chops, roasts and sausage waiting for Opening day.
This is great! …and we should have broilers for week #4 of the Market!

Thrown into this year’s mix is the new downtown Wednesday morning Market at the Wharf. Since the Boss is managing this Market (as well as Saturday) we aren’t real sure how this will affect the logistics of the farm. For now, he’s going to concentrate on managing the Market…and I’ll keep things rolling here on the farm. I’ll be doing chores, tending the greenhouses/hoophouses, weeding and possibly harvesting some crops…

Oh, wow… I need to make more lists!

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