Sunday, March 25, 2012

This Week on the Hill 3-25

Spring arrived this week!
   The peach blossoms stole the show, set off against the bright blue sky.
The Plum blossoms were pretty, too!

The warm weather brought the grass growth on early, so the sheep were turned out to greener pastures.

The crops in the hoophouses are looking beautiful!
D'avignon Radishes
green onions
Spring Lettuce

The peas are beginning to come up!  We planted more potatoes...
We got all the garlic weeded and fertilized...just in time for the weekend rains.  This will allow it to grow well and be ready for Market sometime in June.

With a rainy Sunday to give us a chance to re-charge for the coming week...we should be ready to tackle all the planting, seeding, shepherding jobs we have planned.

 Although, it does not appear that Sissy is going to be at all helpful.  Looks like she's settling in for a week-long nap.

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