Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Onion Sets and Broiler Chicks

Okay, at first even I was hard-pressed to find the commonality in this one. I reckon we could serve them together…

In reality, these are true harbingers of Spring. Forget robins, we might see them all year. Forget the crocus and forsythia, they will bloom in protected areas after a few warm hours. When the chicks and onion sets are in the farm store...you better get ready for Spring!

When we went into town for our weekly errand run, the purchase of these two items topped the “list”. The first batch of broiler chicks is purchased from one of the farm stores…this eliminates any loss in the mail due to cold. Eight weeks from now and we’ll have fresh chicken for the Market once again. The onion sets provide a quick start to green onions which are an unbelievable sale item at the Market.

While I was more than a little glad to pick up our necessary supplies, I was also surprised by the difference in the atmosphere in town. It was as if someone had turned a switch and everyone was thinking spring.

There were lots of flowers for the spring garden and brightly colored pots and watering cans. One farm store already had seed potatoes, onion plants, and strawberry plants. Tiny garden plants in pots were displayed on shelves in front of the store. Easter decorations and flowery items had taken over the other stores. THINK SPRING! That seemed to be the motto throughout the retail world.

With only 39 days ‘til the first Saturday Market…I guess we better get moving! The onion sets are going in the ground today, along with lettuce, chard and arugula. This will be followed by more seed starting. The day after tomorrow we will head out to make the ‘tater run for seed potatoes.

The “winter that wasn’t” is apparently done.

It’s THAT time of year.

Spring Sprint Season is about to begin. We’ve got the onion sets and broiler chicks to prove it!

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