Sunday, March 11, 2012

Here on the Hill 3-11-12

Here's a quick pictorial peek at the week here on the farm. We started the week with 6 inches of snow.

...which melted quickly!

Signs of Spring were observed.
Check out this albino robin!

Waylon got moved to a paddock with fresh, GREEN grass!

The ewes and the lambs are still eating hay, but the surrounding hills are showing signs of green. I may be spending too much time in the sheep paddock.

The hoophouse crops look great!

Looks like it will be dry enough to get the potatoes in the back garden. That's the plan for the upcoming week.
A most concerning situation occurred this week. Someone "borrowed" my camera AND found my jelly bean stash. (and left the evidence on my memory card!)

Whatcha gonna do? Ya just gotta laugh.

Looks like the new week will be off to a rollicking start.

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