Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Last One


I am waiting for the last ewe to drop her lamb(s). I am just waiting. Apparently, she is just waiting too.

When I calculate lamb dates, I use a little wheel where you line up the breeding date, and it automatically tells you the date of the impending birth. This system works well, although it does calculate on the short side, so we’re generally checking a couple of days early. That’s okay…better safe than sorry.

But, since this ewe is the last one, I’m kinda done with the project. You know, I’m tired and would like to sleep through the night again. That is, if I can remember how. I would like to clean up the jug pens in the barn and move on to other projects. I would like to turn the flock out in the field again, instead of keeping them in the barnlot.

However, "Agnes" is not cooperating.

Yesterday, I felt certain it would be the day. She hung off by herself, looking rather uncomfortable. However, all my nocturnal check revealed was a big, fat ewe chewing her cud, looking rather uncomfortable.

I’m not overly concerned that anything is amiss. She is definitely bred, and it will definitely happen at some point. However, the memories of last year are still a little to vivid.

Last year, this was the ewe to have “Baby Ug”. She was the last one last year, too. Check out the story...
Homestead Hill Farm: Baby UG

The anticipation of all that screaming when the barn is already so loud and I am already SO tired is slightly more than I can bear.

Although some interesting suggestions as to the induction of her labor have been made…I suppose we will just continue to wait…

…and wait…

…and wait.

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