Sunday, January 1, 2012

Looking Forward

It’s a new year….a fresh start, a blank page…yet unwritten history. Makes you wonder just what will happen as 2012 unfolds.

The world is such an uncertain and potentially volatile place. Political uprisings, violent weather systems and economic uncertainties are sure to make the headlines. Although it may be short-sighted and somewhat isolating, I find it so re-assuring to focus on the issues of the farm. Despite the change of the calendar, the cycle of farm life rolls on with a level of predictability not found elsewhere.

Two weeks from now, we will be entering the intense period of time that is lambing season. That means there is some pressing work to do in the meantime, building jugs and making sure the ewes are in good shape. Lambing season marks the beginning of the production cycle here on the hill.

Our inventory of seeds will be cataloged and our gardening needs identified so that orders can be placed. We scheduled the early spring brassicas (broccoli/cauliflower/cabbage) to be planted in the garden in late March. That means we will be starting those seeds in the next few weeks.

Onion plants were ordered yesterday. They will arrive in March as well.

The greenhouses will be cleaned out and readied for the heavy use that they see in the early spring. The hoophouses will be filled with verdant young plants.

It won’t be long until the green plants show blossoms and the blossoms give way to fruit and vegetables
and we will find ourselves in the thick of the harvest season.

The cycle will continue.

This year, we know that there will be a new variable in the mix. Its possible far-reaching effects remain to be seen. The Market is opening a Wednesday morning market downtown. The Boss will be managing this one as well as the Saturday Market that he has managed for years. Our vendor status at this market is a little uncertain at present. One thing is certain; it will change things here on the hill.

As we look forward beyond the first cold, clear sunrise of the New Year and we start filling in those blank dates on the calendar, it must be with optimism and enthusiasm. There are certain to be successes and failures, good times and bad. Each will be an important part of the upcoming year.

2012…bring it!

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