Tuesday, January 3, 2012

'Bout Time!

In the 5,249 days (as of 11/27/11) that we have inhabited our house on the hill, the kitchen had seen somewhere between 10,498 and 15,747 meals prepared. I cannot begin to calculate the number of dishes washed by hand at the kitchen sink.

In addition to preparing food for the family…there was that 10 year stint of breadmaking. In excess of 25,000 (yes, THOUSAND) loaves of bread and/or pans of rolls were mixed, rolled and baked in our kitchen.

“Big Mo”, the mixer, ruled the kitchen on Fridays as baking for the Market took over the entire house. I suppose this would explain why we have also had 3 or 4 stoves, 2 microwaves and 3 refrigerators. “Big Mo” has since moved on to mix elsewhere. Mercifully, all current baking done is on a family scale, not the huge amounts required for Market.

The kitchen has been a workspace defying precise description. Schoolwork and art projects were done on the kitchen table. Discussions concerning life’s deeper subjects have been had while trying new recipes or washing the dishes. Various baby animals made their way (albeit temporarily) into the house for various reasons. I know I've seen lambs and kittens and chicks in my kitchen. I seem to remember a pony coming through...perhaps that one was only a dream. Surely, no one would think to bring their pony in the HOUSE! There was once a wild bird flying about for a short time. Not to mention a parrot...and parakeets. Vet books, seed catalogs and animal medications have found homes on its various surfaces.

The kitchen had seen years of home canning with all its messiness and some serious deep cleaning for VDACs kitchen inspections. It is the heart of our home, and as a farmhouse kitchen has seen uses suburban or city kitchens never would.

We’ve laughed, cried, played games, shared meals and attempted to “solve the world’s problems” gathered around the table.
We’ve entertained friends and met prospective sons-in-law. The kitchen has served as a research station, experiment lab and entertainment center.

In short, it was ‘bout time we did a major overhaul.

It took four coats of paint, some wallpaper and new outlet covers.

Wowee! It doesn’t seem like the same place!

Wonder what the next 5,249 days will bring?

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