Friday, January 20, 2012

From My Window

From the kitchen window, I can easily tell the season of the year. In the winter, I can see out to M’brook road, noting cattle trailers and haywagons going up and down the road. In the early Spring, this becomes a little harder, as the trees start to bud and leaf out along the property line. With the height of summer, I can see very little of the road for the lush green leaves. If I stand “just so” I can see what little traffic there may be. But, in the fall of the year…oh my! The fence line starts to come alive with the changing of the leaves on the poison ivy and Virginia creeper. Slowly, the other leaves begin to change…yellow, orange, red and brown. As they all drift to the ground, my view to M’brook road becomes unobscured once more. At that point, I can see cattle trailers heading to and from the sales, and milk and log trucks hauling their payloads down the road.

With a mostly unobstructed view to the barnyard, I can quickly check on the sheep while I do dishes, perform other kitchen chores.

But, today’s view from the window made me do a double-take.

The dogs, appreciative of the relative calm of the backyard, seized the opportunity for a nap in the warm sunshine. They were side by side in exactly the same position for the longest time.

Synchronized napping…that’s the first time I've seen THAT from my window.

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