Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Walkabout 8-25

Another week has slipped away…

This week included working the sheep and switching the flocks around.  You can read about the “switcheroo” here.

First we corralled the ewe flock and Waylon and changed Waylon’s marker to the really orange one. (which I am happy to say…he’s been putting to fine use) 

Waylon was very patient and well-behaved
 Then they headed out front and the lambs went out back.  As if to prove my point about lamb mental prowess (or the actual lack thereof) only three lambs figured out that the open gate meant lovely, lush green grass.  The rest of them milled around and complained until the Boss came and herded them through the gate.
three "smart" lambs

The fog continues to be a story this month.  …and it’s not just here on the hill.  Can you find the Blue Ridge Mountains in these pictures?  Yes, they are back there.  Part of my town run is always a stop at the bank.  It sits high on a hill, overlooking Staunton.  The view of the mountains is generally spectacular, but this particular day I really liked the way the fog shrouded everything.

One of our “winter prep” jobs was to trim the onions and get them into cold storage.  It doesn’t look like much when the onions tops are all dried out and crispy.  But, we cut those away, the beautiful onions are revealed.  Despite the incredible amounts of rain at precisely the wrong times this year, the crop was a success and the onions are safely tucked into the reefer for long-term storage.
dried onions
trimming onions
onions ready for storage
prime onion - ready for Market

Then, we moved on to the winter squash harvest. When the vines die back and the squashes turn a light tan color, it is time to get them out of the garden before the squash bugs, slugs and rodents find a feast. The harvest was amazing!  Ordinarily we store them on the floor of the shop for a while until all the sap from the stems dries and the skins are toughened up a little bit.  Since there were so many, that wasn’t going to work.  So, they are presently sitting in a trailer in the barn.  Eventually, they will make it to boxes and crates closer to the house for winter storage.
ready for picking
squash bugs are EVERYWHERE
prime butternut squash
part of the harvest curing in the barn

…and then it was Market day again. 

 Which, was, of course, FOGGY!

 When the fog finally burned off, it was a gorgeous day and great Market.  As always, we are truly thankful for our customers.

We finished off the week with the delayed birthday celebration.

A fried chicken supper had been requested.  

…and sliced tomatoes…

…and chocolate cake. 

Now, THAT was a chocolate cake!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Happy Sunday!

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