Friday, August 30, 2013

A Job Well Done

Whew!  This has been a busy, productive, rainy and somewhat internet-less week. 

Today is harvest day…tomorrow is Market…it will be a while before I’m back at the computer.

But, I did want to make sure to mention one thing that I am especially thankful for this week.

It would appear that Waylon has again lived up to his own publicity and is indeed pretty awesome.  All the ewes are marked, and so far no re-marks! (I am perhaps "jumping the gun" and getting excited a wee bit early)

This means that the barn will be a most interesting place come the first of the year.
all the rainwater faded the marks...but, they are there!
It looks like we’re going to get all the lambing done in less than three weeks once again. I can’t wait!

Here are a few old posts about lambing season.

So…thanks, Waylon!  Well done!
Looks like he took the relaxing comment quite seriously!

You are “da …man”….no…

                           You are “DA RAM”! 

                                             You can relax now...

**I might mention that Waylon suffered some sort of hoof injury this week.  While he seemed to be in a great deal of pain, it did not deter him from the task at hand...AND...he has made a complete recovery!
I am REALLY THANKFUL for that.** 


  1. Well done Waylon you magnificent animal. What breed is he? Hope it was a front hoof that was injured - that would not be as painful during his 'work' as a back hoof would have been. In any case the calls of nature are very strong aren't they?

    1. Thanks for commenting, Pat!
      Waylon is a Suffolk, as are most of the ewes. I think the Suffolks in the US are considerably larger than those of the same breed that you have in the UK.
      He managed to injure on of his rear hooves. We think it was "work-related" as he started limping badly after he marked the last ewe. A couple days of looking most pathetic and limping badly and he is back to normal. He didn't let the limping keep him from making his rounds checking up on everyone. You're SO right about the calls of Nature.