Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Walkabout 8-11

I’m real glad that this week is over!

The beginning of the week was incredibly stressful.  The whole worry over the “issues” of the Market had a much deeper effect on me than anyone (except the Boss) really knows.  But, it’s over and done with…on to other things.

It seemed appropriate to wear my new t-shirt to Market on Saturday...

We’ve reached that point in the growing season where it’s real easy to get discouraged or at least distracted.  

The weird weather patterns have given rise to disease and bugs…not to mention weeds of epic proportion.  Sometimes, it seems that every trip to the garden reveals a little more loss or yet another problem.  That can be a real downer.  However, if you look a little closer…there are lots of things to encourage us. 
August in the upper garden

The late season cucumbers and squash plants are looking good.

The fall crop of brassicas are doing incredibly well.

There is broccoli in AUGUST!

The corn is just about ready…(that may explain why we trapped FOUR raccoons and a possum this week!)
At first I was distraught to see that our beautiful winter squash patch was looking a “mite peaked”…when I took a closer look, I couldn’t believe all the squashes in there!  A couple more weeks and we will be harvesting a WHOLE LOT of squash.

...and could I forget the lettuce?

I thought I’d take you on a little visit to the animals, but they weren’t feeling particularly gracious.  It doesn’t look like this ewe wanted her picture taken.
  …and this chick has a definite attitude problem

 But here is one update from the ewe flock…

Tess went to the vet this week for some of her kitten shots.  We got a small reprieve from “cat-nado”, otherwise known as the "Stealth Ninja" as she slept for hours afterwards.
she's growing...but, so are her ears!

We had a downpour during the Saturday Market.  …and I DO mean a DOWNPOUR!  That’s definitely NOT something you need at an open air market. But, the customers took it in stride and it finally stopped raining…and we sold a bunch of stuff.

I’ve got a new toy I mean tool to learn how to use. Since today is a somewhat rainy Sunday, the timing is perfect.

Thanks for dropping by.

Happy Sunday!

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