Thursday, August 22, 2013

Settin' by for Winter

Yet another foggy morning here on the hill.

All the foggy mornings this August got me thinkin’ about the oldtimer’s saying…

For every fog in August,
There will be a snowfall in Winter.

Oh, dear…goodness!

I’ve lost track of the foggy mornings this month.  It seems like when it wasn’t foggy, it was raining.  A couple of times it was foggy AND rainy! (wonder if there’s a saying for that one?)

I’ll be real honest here…I do not like the Winter…not even a little bit. 

It’s not because I’m wimpy and whiney...really.  The cold, icy, snowy, dismal weather of winter is hard on the animals, causing undue hardship on all the inhabitants on the hill. 

Here are a few entries about Winter in the Valley.

But, some thoughtful planning (and a little bit of extra work) makes the long winter a little more manageable. With a little extra work, there will plenty for all to eat during the cold, dark days ahead.

Here in the Valley, August is generally our biggest month for harvest.  There are tomatoes and squash, cucumbers and onions…corn, potatoes, green beans….and lots of other vegetables and fruits just waiting for our attention.

That means it’s also the biggest, busiest month for planning ahead to the lean times of Winter. If we want to enjoy our homegrown farm goodies in the Wintertime…we have to put some effort in during the Summer.
the view from the bean patch

We harvest, can, freeze, preserve and pickle all sorts of stuff.  Some of it is for home use and some for our Winter Sales group.  That other old saying about “making hay while the sun shines” applies to vegetable production and consumption as well.
some of this year's canned goods

chopped bell peppers, ready for the freezer

If you want to read about our Winter Sales…Check this out. This will be our sixth season of providing farm goodness straight through the Winter. 

I get a real feeling of security when the barn is full of hay (gotta feed those mama sheep in order to get lambchops), the reefer is stocked with onions and potatoes, and the freezers start straining at the seams with lamb and chicken and all sorts of vegetables, fruits and jams.

I just love a well-stocked pantry…freezer…larder…barn.

Love it!

Most of the preservation jobs have been completed.  But, we’re not done yet.

We still need to harvest (and freeze) the corn  

harvest the winter squash. 

Tomorrow… maybe…next week?  SOON!

 We have a while before the fall crop of potatoes must come out of the ground.  That one is on "the list", but an actual date has not been set.

The fall crop of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and brussels sprouts is looking great!  But, we won't begin harvesting any of those for another couple weeks.

 …and we are constantly seeding/planting/harvesting in the hoophouses.  Hmmm…actually, we will never be “done”!

But, today, I am thankful…so thankful that we’ve gotten a lot of our provisions "set by for Winter".  …and even more thankful that we actually have the provisions to “set”!

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  1. This is surely farming as it was meant to be, Barbara - growing, harvesting, dealing with the produce, storing or selling and getting ready for Winter. I love to read about it all, and your pickles look so inviting. I wish I could buy a few jars to try.