Saturday, May 28, 2011

Snails...or Escargot?

Not to be an alarmist, but…

M'brook is being overtaken by snails!

Now, that sounds like a bad sci-fi movie from the early sixties, doesn’t it?

But, really….

Snails are everywhere!

In the grass.

In the tree.

On the house.

On the hydrant at the barn.

In my shoe….okay, I have NO idea how that one happened. But, there it was!

Today, I found a snail condo out back. There were about six snails, just hanging out, doing snail stuff, whatever it is snails do. Yuck!
(couldn’t get all of them to “pose” at once)

I don’t like snails much. They are just slugs with mobile homes, leaving their shiny little trails of “snot” behind them. Ewww!

It is said that some snails carry an organism that can lead to liver flukes in cattle and sheep. I don’t know if all snails carry this, or just certain species. I do know that parasites are a problem in the moist conditions that cause snails to thrive. That is another reason I don’t care for them.

Recently, I read an article that took the Locavore movement to a whole new level. The chef interviewed was using only invasive species of fish to make sushi at his restaurant. He was calling his new cuisine “invasivore”. That got me thinking. Maybe we could capture these snails and sell them….? Then, maybe they wouldn’t seem quite so gross and disgusting if they could become profitable.


Escargot from M’brook, anyone?

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