Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our New Look

After years and years….and YEARS of having the same stuff for the Market, we went a little crazy last week. That’s what happens when we go on a rainy day shopping trip together!

We have been using a VA Grown banner on the back of the vegetable stand for a long time. Not only does it look nice, and let folks know that our stuff is indeed local, it keeps the sun off the vegetables. Since we specialize in lettuce and greens, shade is VERY important! When the sun hits those bags, it begins to “cook” the stuff inside. Not good! Over time our product line has grown, and we were outgrowing our shade.

We had one of the local sign companies make us a personalized banner for the back of the stand. It is longer than the old one, so EVERYTHING is covered. It looks great! Thanks, Signmaster!

A new canopy gave us two feet in each direction and a little more shade. That will be greatly appreciated at the height of summer. Another plus, it’s a lot easier to put up and down. Since I take everything down at the end of the day, I truly appreciate this fact.

Tom was able to expand the display space and STILL keep everything in the shade. Just a note here, those baskets don’t look like much, but they are constantly replenished throughout the Market. We take in excess of 100 bags of lettuce and greens most weeks.

Since we had a new sign and a new canopy, the search for a tablecloth began. (we don’t ever do anything halfway). I found one that looked very nice on the CLEARANCE rack at a local store. So, we’re set.

Everything looked very nice on Saturday, and worked very well. Hmmm, the only thing we haven’t changed is US. Can’t imagine that will happen….our customers might not know who we are.

…but, Tom DID get a new hat!

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