Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Day in the Clouds

We had another half-inch of rain last night. This is in addition to well over a half-inch we received over the weekend. It’s wet, wet, WET!

Since the farm is situated on top of a hill, we are at an altitude of nearly 2,000 feet. This makes for a different type of weather than even the nearby towns of Staunton and Stuarts Draft. Quite often, after a rain, we will have clouds and mist for nearly the entire day, while others are enjoying the sunshine.

The clouds just seem to hover over M’brook sometimes. You can actually see the weather clear as you head toward town and the decline in altitude is evident. It is an interesting phenomenon.

So, today, it’s too wet to work outside, and almost too dark to work in the hoophouses. That means we’ll take the opportunity to do some inside maintenance, catch up on farm paperwork and phonecalls.

….all the while trying NOT to come in close contact with any pillows or blankets.

Today will be a long hard battle with the gloom-induced sleepies.

Better keep the sweet tea flowing and country music blaring!

We still got work to do.

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