Friday, May 20, 2011

The Dog Cave

This is the “dog cave”. I know, it looks like our side porch/kitchen door to me, too.

To Ellie Mae’s doggy mind, this is the DOG CAVE. It is a wonderful place for daytime naps. Apparently it is cool….she has dug a little bed down in the dirt.
It is dry…the door mat keeps some of the rain off. It is secluded…Jed is too big to get inside and bother her.

This works fine for Ellie Mae. We also know that no one can come in the kitchen door without our being forewarned. Not that anyone ever DOES come in the kitchen door anyway.

The only problem with the dog cave is when WE forget about it. If Tom or I walk up the driveway, lost in thought and not making enough noise, somehow Ellie is disturbed from her “beauty sleep”. When this happens, she catapults out of the dog cave, barking ferociously. Of course, this startles the walker and some type of confrontation ensues. She looks as if she's thinking deep and amazing thoughts. Or, maybe she's just bored and sleepy!

Just another farm idiosyncrasy to keep us on our toes!

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