Sunday, May 1, 2011

I am blessed...and I know I am...

Not many people get to go to work in a beautiful place, set their own hours, decide what work to do and when to do it, take breaks when they like, and eat gourmet food at nearly every meal. But, I do, I really do. Yes, we are truly blessed!

Recently, our daughter told me “Mama, you have the perfect life!” My day was not going at all like I had planned, so the comment took me aback. Perfect? This is perfect? Yeah, right! Then, I realized that the first paragraph of this article is the truth. Maybe we do have the “perfect life”.

I fully acknowledge the hard times along the way. Sometimes, those hard times, the unforeseen happenings, the horribly behaved people, all come crashing down, and life seems more than a little overwhelming. But, the truth is…we have it good, very good.

We may not have much in the bank or have investments that grant us great returns. We will never be famous or garner any type of celebrity. We don’t stand a chance of winning the lottery or leaving our children a huge inheritance.


We have each other after facing the possible devastating loss of our dear one.

We have our health after having faced illness.

We have this little piece of land after knowing what it is like to be homeless.

We get to enjoy every day of our work and yes, we have been in the rat race.

We are presently enjoying some level of prosperity after having let go of everything that seemed certain and stable and spending a long period of time in “the wilderness”.

We get the pleasure of having positive feedback on the results of our labors after having known many unprovoked and unkind words.

We see successes in the field and in the barn after having seen disasters in both areas. The disasters allowed our greatest learning.

The direct comparisons could go on and on.

It is truly a matter of perspective. It is SO easy to get bogged down by the negative stuff, the problems, and the drudgery of life. I hope that I can remember, that we can remember, that we are blessed…and the troubles are trifling when compared to the blessings.

So, to mis-quote an Alan Jackson song:

“I am blessed and I know I am…
God has given me a pretty good hand.
A good husband and this piece of land……”

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