Thursday, August 1, 2013

Oh Happy Day!

***today I am writing on the behalf of Waylon (the ram) who finds keyboard skills somewhat cumbersome.  You know, big hooves and all…and then there’s the fact that he is NOT coming in MY house!***

August 1st is the absolute best day on the farm!

Hellooooo Ladies!

(or somewhere near it…I’m not one to keep track of dates)

I cannot tell you how happy (and thankful) I am that it is finally the first of August. The next month or so will be the most enjoyable months of my time here on the hill.  Today the “work” of getting the lambchop crop for 2014 begins.  This is my big moment.  This is the reason I am here.

I am the single most important animal on this place.

While it may sound a little cocky… it is definitely true.

Oh, the ewes are important. The lambchop crop is important. The chickens are important. The Boss really appreciates the hens and loves the chicken dishes that the broilers make it possible to enjoy…but, I…WAYLON…am 50% of the entire sheep flock!  50%!  No matter how many lovely ladies they might have.  There would be no lambchop crop if it was not for ME!

I am awesome!

Overstatements aside, I really am important.  It is true that my genetics have an amazing effect on the annual lambchop crop. My offspring are some of the best produced here on the hill. I joined the “farm team” in 2011.  You can read about it here.

I was chosen for my form, anatomical correctness and length.  Not to mention that I am indeed a true “stud muffin”.  Just ask Mama, she wrote "Stud Muffin" a couple of years ago.  It's all about ME! 

Each and every lamb born here on the hill is a direct result of my genetics in combination with the lovely ladies that I service.  They’re not a bad lot.  A couple of them even did a few show-lamb gigs in their youth.
the ladies
I am big, I am virile, I am a fine specimen of Suffolk ram-liness.  …and yeah, I eat dandelions! (you got a problem with that?) Read about my penchant for dandelions here.

By introducing me to the ewe flock on August 1…there is a very real possibility that Homestead Hill will see lambing season commence by Christmas.  Sometimes it takes a bit longer.  But, I am proud to say that last year I bred ALL the ewes within a THREE week period. (most within THREE days...yeah, days) There was only one single in that bunch and TWO sets of triplets.  See, no brag…just fact. 

I am, indeed, awesome.

After breeding season, I must confess, my life is pretty boring.  But, I can’t complain.  I am greatly appreciated and treated well.  I have a lush paddock with a nice view of Mbrook Road.  I can see my ladies walking by…and keep tabs on my offspring if I like. Honestly, the lambs are pretty boring, I’d much rather “talk” to the ladies or watch traffic.  I get my meals catered, twice a day.  I have plenty to eat and a real nice shady spot to sleep and ruminate.  I kind of like the solitary life.  A rabbit visited me a couple weeks ago and nearly scared me to death!

Today, I have been outfitted with my harness and a nice yellow crayon.  

In a couple of weeks, they’ll change the color so that Mama can keep track of which of the ladies gets bred and when.  This takes the guesswork out of lambing time.  It also makes it possible to know if there are any breeding anomalies (there shouldn’t be more than one color on a ewe) If there are, corrective action can be taken.

So, I am THANKFUL (if that is possible) that it is indeed August 1st!

While it’s been nice chatting with you…you'll have to excuse me...

                                              I’ve got “work” to do.

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