Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In the Line of Duty

While I realize that this looks like a last-ditch, pathetic effort to quit the thumb-sucking habit, it is not. It is just the latest in the injuries I have endured “in the line of duty”. And, for the record, I quit the thumb-sucking habit a few years back.

Over the years, I’ve been stepped on, butted, bitten, knocked over, knocked down, kicked, scratched, pecked and cut more than once. I’ve ended up with bumps and bruises, sprains and strains. But, none of these ever landed me in the emergency room, despite the fact I KNOW that heifer broke my toe when she stepped on me. I’ve probably screamed too much, bled more than I would like too, and startled the Boss and the neighbors more than once. Most of these have been no more than a nuisance, so it is generally no big deal…and I've learned a little on each of these encounters and lived to tell the tale.

My current band-aided thumbs are presently healing nicely, but certainly made an impression on my mind. They also really, really hurt!

Friday, when I was harvesting salad greens with my trusty Leatherman, I cut more than just the greens. I really have NO idea how I managed to slice the far side of my left thumb so quickly and so deeply, but I did. Thankfully, I managed to stop the bleeding before it got to the salad mix. I took a quick break to clean and bandage the cut. It did slow harvest down considerably, but I got my part done and we got our sales delivered…and I only used two band-aids!

By Monday, I had stepped it down to a single band-aid on my thumb. It was beginning to feel much better unless I put pressure directly on it. No longer terribly painful, it was just a nuisance.

In the snow and ice that was Monday, one of the gate latches stuck. Needing a little more dexterity and hoping the warmth of my skin would ease the latch, I removed my glove. The gate latch opened, but “ye-ouch!” it pinched my right thumb. It was only a little prick, and I forgot about it. Except that every once in a while, it felt like I had a splinter. Hay splinters are hard to spot and don’t cause constant pain. When I finally looked at the pad of my thumb, I was surprised to find a good-sized blood blister. Oh ugh! Now that I was aware of it, it seemed that I hit it on everything, and it hurt. So, band-aids all around!

I learned something from this injury as well.

You know, those “scientist-types” are really onto something when they go on and on about the importance of OPPOSABLE thumbs. Now, I have a new appreciation and understanding.

OPPOSABLE thumbs….they make it all possible!

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