Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thursday Thankful:, Earbuds!

After three days of dismal skies and torrential rain, it is wonderful to see the sun. I really should be thankful for that.

It’s one of those amazingly gorgeous spring days when the sky is ever so blue, dotted with puffy white clouds that cause shadows to play over the vibrant green fields.

  You can almost see the grass and gardens growing! (just ask the Boss, he spent half the day trimming and still hasn’t mowed the gardens) You would think the world was just perfect on a day like today.  It’s like an advertisement for the peace and tranquility of country living.

That is, until you walk outside.

It is the first of May, the first day of weaning, and everyone is miserable.  Vocally miserable. The ewes are grumpy.  The lambs seem to think they’re dying.  …and all the racket has given me a headache. This is nothing new, nothing out of the ordinary.  It happens every year.  Read this post from last year.  

Be sure to click on the links (they'll take you to previous posts)…and when you watch the video---turn up the volume.  ALL the way!

Soon, nightfall will bring a period of relative peace and quiet. Aaahhhhhh!    We will give thanks for that short respite before we’re right back at it tomorrow.

Tomorrow, as a matter of survival, we will pop our earbuds in and crank the music loud as we spend the day prepping for the Market, all the while giving thanks that something/anything will block out most of the shrill, shrieking screams of this year’s lambs.

You can’t truly appreciate something until it’s gone.  That’s why we know we’ll be thankful to see the return of real PEACE when things calm down in a couple of days.

In the meantime, I’ll give thanks for my earbuds and the relative peace they provide.  Any chance I can get these permanently attached to my head?

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