Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Walkabout 5-25

poor Squeekie is all tuckered out

It was a somewhat taxing week…

icy broccoli in May
On Monday, there were ice crystals covering the gardens once more. I kid you not!  Most everything fared well, except the cucumbers.  Two layers of row cover couldn’t protect them from the effects of the frost…so, we’ll try again. (third time is the charm…right?)
cucumbers do NOT tolerate cold

By Thursday, we were flirting with record highs again, the winds kicked up and it began to feel like a dry, dusty desert. The hens had created little shade oases under the burdock plants in the brooder pen, and the Boss even started irrigating the gardens. Maybe we’re done with the row cover for this season.

The warm weather brought out a lot more blossoms, and the lilac next to the kitchen door is perfuming the entire farm.
blackberry blossoms


Miss Kim Lilac

It was the latest installment of the “week of the broiler”.  Batch #2 was processed and moved to a “cooler climate”, Batch #3 moved from the brooder to the pasture pen, and Batch #4 arrived in the mail, spent a day in the shop and then moved to the brooder.  All these groups will stay put and grow for about 3 or 4 weeks until we do it all again.

by the time they move outside
they are NOT cute anymore

It sure is nice to have such lush, green grass again.
peaceful ewes

enjoying fresh grass

Gus and Ellie
Can you tell them apart?

We picked and packed and planted…and went to Market.
Bright Light Chard stems

1st round of starts
for fall brassica crop

Garden helper-Tess

This week I tried making Arugula Pesto for sale.  It was a great success!  So, I’ll add making some more to the to-do list for the upcoming week. 

As much as I appreciate the Market, visiting with our friends and making sales…I am always glad to head back down Mbrook Road towards home. It's a beautiful drive.

RG is cutting hay

Mbrook is just around the bend

two more turns and I'm home!

The holiday week promises to be an interesting one, to say the least.  This week, some of our bigger annual projects absolutely MUST get completed…so, we’ll probably be doing a little scrambling. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate as we do even more planting (and picking and packing).

We have a family get-together (of sorts) planned for Monday's holiday.
Do YOU know what we have planned?

And, I’m guessing that few (if any) folks see these items as essentials for the Memorial Day holiday.  I’ll leave you guessing about that one.

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you have a

            Happy Sunday!

Come on back again soon! 

It gets a little greener each week
I love Mbrook!


  1. 1. Re: cucumbers. :( :( :(
    2. Re: that how-to-make-hard-boiled-eggs you posted the other week. :) :) :) !!!
    3. Re: scenic Mbrook. :) :) :)
    4. Re: offing chickens -do you guys do it yourselves???

    1. Love all your enthusiasm today!
      As for "offing the chickens"...yes, we do it ourselves. We're kind of proud of our little operation. But, I have hesitated to blog about it for fear of "reader gross-out". I think that might be an issue. What do you think?

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  3. Don't know what argul is Barbara, can you please enlighten me - it looks good on those biscuits.

    Good luck with the third try for those cucumbers.

    1. Pat, Arugula is a leafy green. You may know it as roquette or rocket. Did you read this one?
      That post has the recipe for the pesto at the end. It's kind of peppery tasting, which blends well with the cheese and garlic. It's delicious!
      As for the cucumbers...fingers crossed.