Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Walkabout 4-27

Spring finally decided to stick around this week!

No…wait a minute…it frosted again. 

Hold on…it’s Spring, really. 

Warm, cool, frosty, breezy, too dry…kinda wet.  Oh, yes…it is definitely Spring in the Valley.

…and it’s about time!

While we planted squash and cukes, potted up the tomatoes, moved the sheep and began the"SUPER MULCH" harvest, the other farmers in the country began planting corn and the “sweet smell” of Spring-time threatened to overpower as some spread litter on their fields ahead of Friday’s rain.  It’s real stinky around here sometimes, but still…

Yay, Springtime!

The rain really helped the plants that had been so stressed by the cold.  It looks like very few actually succumbed and our hopes for a successful crop have been renewed.  Unfortunately, it looks like the weed crop will be epic as well.

The first asparagus was spotted and we are eagerly (and somewhat impatiently) awaiting the emergence of the first potato sprouts.  Yep...Spring has SPRUNG!

It was a busy, busy week that included too many trips to town…a visit to the vet (yes, Gus is fine---just minus a few parts)…lots of greenhouse and hoophouse work…two birthday cakes…LOTS of harvest…an amazingly busy Market day…and ended with a double birthday party.

A shout-out to Blondie…and belatedly to T-bone…

                      HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love you!

Our plans to crash completely (since it’s Sunday) were rudely interrupted by falling shingles that will demand attention before the rain comes in later tomorrow. But, for right now, I’m trying not to think about the fact that the Boss has to spend part of the day on our steep roof…

So, here are a few photos (in no particular order) from the farm this week to keep my mind off the “job du jour”.

Blondie's orange b-day cake with ambrosia frosting
the BEST b-day gift!

Red Velvet cake with Cookies-n-Cream frosting...YUM!
This is for T-bone

This is how we start our day

a beautiful greenhouse visitor

inside hoophouse 2 at the end of the day

lambs on a sunny spring day

late apple blossoms

barn at sunrise

picking lettuce for Market
(the Boss "stole" my camera)

re-potted tomato plants

a black swallowtail in the greenhouse

layer chicks peeking out at the world

a "sheep hero" in action...on to greener pastures

sleepy, sleepy dogs
the moon and Mars
photo doesn't do it was amazing! (and huge)

sheep heaven

green grass is nice, even when it's cloudy

there was a controlled burn in the National Forest across the mountain
it was a little freaky when the smoke started spreading this way

first planting of squash and cukes in the garden

checking out the "supermulch"...
Looks like the biggest "harvest" ever!

Hope you’re having a

           Happy Sunday!

my valley is greening up!

Thanks for visitin’!  Come on back again…ya hear?


  1. Yes, Diane. If you click on "super mulch" in the post it will link you to an old post about bedding in the barn.

  2. I really, really don't know where on earth you find the time to
    blog twice a week.

  3. I am completely seduced by those two birthday cakes, particularly the cream one - it looks like a really lovely hat - too good to cut into.