Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Walkabout 12-8

After posting daily for a month, I realize my absence this week has been rather conspicuous.  I’d like to be able to say I was doing something important (or at least important sounding) like thinking up a cure for the common cold…or at least interesting…like planning a trip or creating art.  But, I was just…well…doing the everyday stuff of life which kept me away from the keyboard. (I did get some great ideas for posts, though)

What was I doing?  Well…

I did the "town run" and then took the dog to the vet.  Lest you think I take the dog to the vet far too often, this was the other dog.  But, I must admit, I’m getting a little bored with the trip “over the river and through the woods” to the vet’s office. (even if I do get to look for the shoesread this) All the puppy/kitten visits are done (finally).

This time it was Ellie Mae’s turn.  She gets her shots and heartworm check in December when things are slower around here and I can pick up the meds I need for lambing season.  (meds for the ewes/lambs…not for my own use) For the record, Ellie is fine and she was quite the celebrity at the vet.  You take 98# of big white dog to the vet…people notice.
 ...and everyone seems to love a Pyr.

Then, Blondie brought us a couple ewes. (I’ll tell you that story soon) That entailed a trip to the stockyard with her lambs and then we spent the afternoon weeding in the hoophouse.  (it is a never-ending battle I tell you) Thanks, Blondie!

The Boss finished his fence project and it is “purty”!

When we sent out our first email for winter sales we never expected a record-setting sales day. But, our customers are awesome! I am always a little amazed that everyone is so eager for our farm products. (guess I take the good stuff for granted)

While I was working on sales invoices, I got a text from toughchick saying that her husband thought they had a sick goat. (she was at work and had gotten the info second-hand)  Could I help her determine what was wrong?  It sounded like bloat to me. After a few more texts and a couple of phone calls, it became evident that it would just be easier to hop in the X and head to Draft and take a look in person.  After assembling a “goat vet bag” that is exactly what I did. Maybe toughchick will tell the story over on her blog.  Check out

I learned a couple of things on that trip.  When “tubing” a goat, know that a rubber tube and goat molars don’t mix well.  Of course she bit it in half! Yes, I did retrieve the other end of the tube before it slipped down her throat, barely. Yes, we did get the liquid down the tube before the biting.  But, perhaps, more importantly, when dealing with a horned animal, do NOT use your legs as the headgate to hold the animal in place.  I will spare you a photo of my thighs that are now polka-dotted with purple bruises. (OUCH!)

On the up side…Milly-the-goat has since recovered.

…and toughchick brought me a new tube. Thank you!

When I arrived home, there was 300# of inactive ram out back. Totally inactive.  He didn't answer when I called him, he wouldn’t eat, he wouldn’t walk…I panicked (just a little). Ever since we lost the ewe last month, I have been on high alert.  (and for the record…I was right, the necropsy confirmed listeriosis) It didn’t take long to ascertain it was only his hooves.  They were caked with mud and grass and his toes were splayed out at an awkward angle. It must have been incredibly painful to walk. Once we removed the clods, he made a swift recovery.  Phew!
Waylon (the ram)is back to "normal"

In other news, Living the Country Life  magazine  posted a video story about us. Back during the early summer, we did a photo session and later a phone interview for the magazine.
Giammarino  & Dworkin Photography & Styling Photo

A big thank-you to Betsy Freese (editor-in-chief), Anna McConnell (writer) and David Ekstrom (producer) from Meredith Publishing. It was a great experience.  …and an extra big THANK-YOU to Tony and Mona of Giammarino Photography for spending the day with us capturing the images.  You can view it HERE.
Giammarino  & Dworkin Photography & Styling Photo

Then, my internet friend and fellow Ag Blogger, Janice Person of “A Colorful Adventure” featured one of my posts in her blog.  Janice writes about all sorts of Ag-related things and does a lot of travelling.  I’ve been following her for quite some time, so I was excited that she included me in her post.  Thanks, Janice!

my beautiful view is out there...
somewhere in the fog and rain

We spent most of Friday picking and packing for our Sales delivery. While we worked, it poured.  We got over an inch and a quarter of rain, so things are pretty sloppy.  We kept an eye on the weather reports as well.  There is the distinct possibility of a big ICE storm, so we stocked up on gas and propane and made a list of all the things we need to do prior to the event.
we're in the orange...under the "h"
I think most everything is done, so now we wait…

I hope you’re someplace warm and dry and that you have a very 

        Happy Sunday!

Thanks for stoppin' by!  Come on back a visit a spell!

P.S. I’ll try to stay a little closer to the keyboard in the upcoming week.

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