Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Walkabout 12-15

I know it’s not yet winter…but, boy, does it look like it!

We have had three “winter weather events” this past week.  None of which lived up to the pre-storm hype, I might add. We didn’t lose power and more importantly, we didn’t lose internet.  Believe me---we’re incredibly thankful for that!

The ice made for some amazing photo ops and granted us some much needed moisture…and it was pretty much all gone by the next day.(yay) 

 Although, the continued wintry mix and then some very cold temperatures meant that the ewes won’t be spending any more time at the creek paddock.  The heavily pregnant ewes don’t need to slide down the steep hill to the grazing and the hill paddock doesn’t need all those hooves pounding, sliding down the grass. If the grass takes too much abuse in the winter, we won’t have good grass for spring/summer.  So, it’s time for them to come to the barn paddock and eat hay.
  That means they’re close by and feel it necessary to voice their opinion about my feeding schedule.

the afternoon protest

They really have nothing to complain about!

and this was tidied up!

Three winter storms in one week meant that we couldn’t do any sort of outdoor work and the frigid temperatures kept us from harvesting and sales…which actually worked to my benefit.  There was no excuse left to keep me from the mountain of paperwork that had overtaken my desk and seemed to hang over my head like a cloud of doom.  I am happy (thrilled, ecstatic, joyful) to say that my desk is clean, the entry work is completed, the filing is done…and the bank statements balanced (to the penny I might add)! Yes, I did do a happy dance in my chair when I finally got done. For 15 years I have vowed to keep up with the paperwork during the season...and for 15 years the Boss has laughed at me. Some things will just never change. 
this is as good as it gets

I can’t believe that I worked for years in banking/bookkeeping and at one time entertained thoughts of becoming a certified public accountant. I could never do that on a regular basis anymore…I would MUCH rather be outside or at least in the barn.   But, with all the prep work done, tax time should be a “breeze”.
The work of one whole week fits in a file box
That's just sad!

Now that the dreaded bookwork is out of the way, it’s time to focus on cleaning out the greenhouses and planning next year’s crops.  The upcoming week promises to be far warmer than last week which means we should be able to work in the hoophouses and harvest this week!

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Hope you’re having a

Happy Sunday!


  1. Yikes! Looks like you guys got all the ice and snow that missed us in STL. Hopefully it hasn't caused you guys too much trouble.

    1. Thanks for thinking of us, Colby!
      We got through unscathed...and it did make for pretty pictures. The ice melted quickly and we just lost a few big branches.
      Personally, I wish we had started farming in the islands (it's cold here) but...
      Take care.