Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Challenge

It’s a NEW Year!  The first day of a new year provides each of us with the opportunity for setting new goals, the impetus for change and a starting point for the new journey. That blank calendar is just waiting for someone to fill it in with new and exciting things.

All over cyberspace there are posts about setting goals and making resolutions.  Folks are talking/writing about what to do different this year to make it the best yet.  It seemed appropriate that I get in on this one, too.  Although, I generally don't make resolutions, I do like the idea of new goals and there is always room for improvements.  So, what to write?  I read over the entries from the past couple of years....here's 2010...and this from 2012...oh, and this one from 2012!

As I sat at the computer, hoping for some inspiration…wishing for some clever words and interesting perspective…I wondered what new things the New Year held for us.  Then, I heard a low rumble.

At first I didn’t think much of it.  The wind was blowing and the greenhouse on the back of the house does some serious creaking whenever there is a stiff breeze.  However, this sound was different.

The sound was coming from the back of the house.  It wasn’t an animal noise…we didn’t have any machinery running.

Maybe it was log trucks out on Mbrook Road. No, it’s 5am on New Year’s Day…can’t imagine anyone is working. Humph!  What IS that noise?

I peered out the back door. Man, it’s dark!  I strained to hear the sound again over the wind. Nothing.

The Boss was apprised of the situation.  He couldn’t ascertain a guess as to the source of the sound.  It had seemed to subside somewhat. But, wait…there it was again.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore, put on my boots and coveralls, got a flashlight and ventured into the darkness. Nothing amiss at the barn…

I turned the light toward the house. GASP!  The source of the sound was staring me in the face.  One of the ribs of the greenhouse was sticking through the plastic skin.  With every gust of wind the plastic would rip a little more.  RRRRRRRRR!

So, our New Year didn’t start with fireworks and celebration…nope, just the realization that there is a new project waiting for us on the next relatively calm day.  

On the up-side, we have plenty of plastic from another project and it’s a small job. Thankfully, it didn't collapse completely...and there are no tiny seedlings inside to get cold. Since Booooyyy the cat is no longer with us, this time the greenhouse won’t get little kitty claw marks in it as he explores the roof. It looks like we can get the repair done BEFORE the big seed starting marathon starts.

Since the first challenge of the New Year arrived after only 5 short hours of 2013…I must say I’m really wondering about the rest of the year...
M'brook 1-1-13

       but, I must say the challenges certainly  keep it interesting!

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